Raw Materials


The yeast is added to the wort and converts the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

The alcoholic fermentation is effected by the yeast fungi, which are necessary for the production of beer. Different types of yeast are used for each type of beer, and they significantly affect both its nature and its quality, because of their metabolic by-products. We use dry yeast from Belgium and also fresh yeast from Germany and America.


The water for the production of the beer comes from the crystal springs of the Cretan White Mountains.

Water is the ingredient with the highest percentage in the beer, among all the raw materials, and thus affects its quality and nature. The brewing water comes from springs at the foot of the Cretan White Mountains and reaches us through the local network that covers the surrounding villages. We have a water treatment unit that uses reverse osmosis, in which the water acquires the ideal characteristics needed for each different beer.


The hop flowers give to the beer aroma, flavor and its characteristic bitterness.

The hop is usually added during the wort boiling stage, but also later during the fermentation and aging, and serves multiple purposes. It gives aroma, taste and has antimicrobial action. It is used to balance the sweetness of the malt by giving bitterness to the beer. Also, the hop can give a variety of flavors and aromas to the beer, depending on the way it is used and its variety. We use hops from Germany, France and America, and soon we will also use hops from Greece.ην Αμερική, ενώ σύντομα θα χρησιμοποιούμε και Ελληνικής καλλιέργειας.


The base for the production of the beer. The cereal, the starch of which gives our sugars.

It is the main ingredient for making beer. Its high starch content makes it suitable for brewing, after having gone through the stage of malting. The starch is converted to sugars at the brewery, which in turn will be used for the alcoholic fermentation. Our basic malts are Greek, from Komotini, while the special malts are sourced from Belgium.

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